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At our private school, we empower and inspire students to reach their full potential, build strong character and gain the self-confidence they need to make a positive impact in a constantly changing world.
Opus Zeal Academy offers unique learning experiences that allow your child to follow their curiosity, while grounding them in the basic skills they'll need for everyday life, like leadership and problem-solving.
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Children in Classroom - Opus Zeal

Happier, more engaged

We want our students to
Discover and Inspire

Alphabet Beads


Academically enriching experience.

Intellectual growth.

caring for your child in a way that is tailored to their personality.

Independent study & mastery-based program

Project-based learning expeditions, based on their interests and goals, along with optional Independent Study


We have a variety of artistic activities and programs  that allow children to use their imaginations, creativity, and express ideas through various mediums, which promotes self-directed learning, critical, and visual thinking skills.

Personal Development 

Personal development is crucial for children as it helps them build confidence, learn coping skills, and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. By engaging in activities that promote personal development, children can gain a better understanding of themselves and how to effectively navigate the world around them.


Private school at affordable price!

Benefits of joining us 

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Give your child a head start on their passions 

join early and enjoy extra months of fun! With a range of extracurricular classes available, including music, acting, build-a-Lego, and learning foreign languages, your child can reach their full potential. 

Non-Mandatory School: July

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Enjoy the Mandatory subjects just as much as your extracurricular classes 


-language arts 


-social studies 

Add-on: Personal Development 

Mandatory School: August 16 

One thing that distinguishes us is that children have the opportunity to join our school a few months before the mandatory start date, giving them time to pursue their passions and engage in extracurricular activities to develop their skills and pursue their interests.

By enrolling your child in our school, you can help them reach their full potential.

Ready to

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Know your Child’s progress 

We will keep you up to date with your child’s progress throughout the curriculum. 

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See your child excited to learn 

Freedom they need to pursue their interests and reach their full potential

Art Fun

With our school your child has flexibility and allow for more individual expression and creativity. This allows the child to reach their full potential; instead of being blocked by the stresses and ridged life of the traditional school system. 

It is also important to consider that while traditional schools may expect students to conform to certain norms and standards, they should also support the individual needs and differences of their students. 

Growing Leaders in Soul, Body and Spirit 

We appreciate your consideration of Opus Zeal Academy for your child's education and look forward to meeting your family.

We hope this marks the start of a great new journey.

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"Having personally experienced the negative aspects of public schools, I have been inspired to establish a school where children can be free from the challenges that I and many others have faced throughout our school years.

My belief is that while we must be prepared for the hardships of adult life, this preparation should not come at the cost of bullying or harsh discipline. Instead, we should be taught with a focus on positive discipline, allowing us to grow into healthy, well-rounded, and educated individuals".


Owner of Opus Zeal Academy 

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San Fernando Valley, California
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